Toddler Room

Little Discoverers

When your toddler joins us at a Bright Sparks, they will have the opportunity to thrive in an environment which encourages their creativity, independence, confidence, determination and joy of exploring!


Our highly skilled staff will be next to them to catch them in case they fall, mop up spills as they experiment with pouring, listen to them as they tell a story, give answers and help them find answers when they ask ‘why?’ and give them the time and opportunities to create masterpieces! To ensure your child has the opportunity to safely make these choices you will notice our rooms have tables and chairs that let their feet touch the floor, labelled see-through containers and natural baskets enabling them to choose and put away their favourite toy, natural resources which encourage inquisitiveness and stimulation, cosy quiet corners as they enjoy listening to a story, and two adjoined spacious rooms to explore in.


As your toddler develops they will have the opportunity to join in on experiences from visitors who specialise in dance, music, language or drama. The garden is another amazing learning environment where they will have lots of time to practice riding tricycles, bikes, pushing buggies, throwing, rolling and catching balls, and enjoying imaginative and creative play in the fresh air.


All our toddler room staff plan experiences based on quality care and education and the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The EYFS values and celebrates the care and education for children and babies aged 0 to 5 years by recognising them as skilful and competent. The principles of EYFS affirm our child centred approach and highlight the importance of relationships in a toddler’s developing life.


Each toddler’s dedicated Key Person will ensure that their every requirement is met and you can rest assured that you will meet a familiar face at the start of every day. In addition to each toddler’s individual communication book, our staff look forward to and value the time they have to chat with each family.


  • Our toddler room activities are built around the UK government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).
  • Every child is allocated a “key person” – someone you will know well and trust.
  • We keep communication books, detailing everything your child gets up to during their time with us.
  • Just like our other classes, outdoor play will be a key part of your child’s day.