Babies and families are welcomed into our light, spacious and modern room where we provide the perfect introduction to nursery life. 


Our baby room is a wonderful sensorial experience full of textures, light and creativity where our babies are encouraged to be freely creative and are provided with a vast range of quality materials and resources to stimulate and inspire their young developing minds. 


All our baby room staff plan experiences based on the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This framework values and celebrates the care and education for children and babies aged 0 to 5 years by recognising them as skilful and competent. The principles of EYFS affirm our child centred approach and highlight the importance of relationships in a baby’s development.


Each baby’s dedicated Key person will ensure that all of their requirements are met – you can always be assured that you and your baby will meet a familiar face at the start of every day. A daily communication book is completed for each individual child throughout the day, and our staff look forward to and value the time they have to chat with each family at the end of their child's session.


We value the importance of your involvement as parents/carers and encourage your input as we complete your child unique online learning journey.

In our baby room you will notice:

Babies having every opportunity to roll, crawl, sit, climb, balance, jump, reach, grasp

Both indoor and outdoor play

Minimal adult furniture, encouraging babies to crawl and snuggle with their carers in a safe nurturing environment

An environment stimulating from a baby’s eye-level

Treasure baskets full to the brim of natural, washable everyday objects

A flexible room with quiet cosy corners and bright active spaces